What's this all about?

The Latin American Craft Bartenders Guild is a craft guild in the traditional sense, with apprentices, journeymen, and master of the trade.

Members enter as apprentices and are assigned one or more journeymen members as mentors. Over time, these relationships help the apprentice to grow to journeyman status.

When apprentices feel ready, they take written, oral, and performance exams to prove their knowledge and skills. After passing, they are elevated to journeyman status and begin mentoring new apprentices.

The purpose of the guild is to promote sharing of the knowledge and skills required for craft bartending, to help new bartenders to learn the history of the craft, to establish strong relationships among craft bartenders, and to grow the trade and the industry.

Near the end of their careers, those bartenders who have truly distinguished themselves may be elected to the rank of master.

We'll be updating this site regularly as we establish the guild and introduce our founding members, many of whom appear in the image above.

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The First Photo Op?

To celebrate the establishment of the Guild and to have a little fun, we rounded up a few of our favorite bartenders for a bit of a bash and a photo session.

Now some of our friends are telling us that this photo reminds them of something some Italian guy painted. Who knew?

In the photo, from left to right:

  • Federico Velasco
  • Gabriel Bessone
  • Miguel Angel Carmona
  • Ezequiel Rodriguez
  • Daniel Biber
  • Gabriela Natalia Potochek
  • Lo Ly
  • Fede Cuco
  • Samurai
  • Matias Granata
  • Natalia Escudero
  • Luis Miranda (in the shadows)
  • Mariano Ramírez
  • Fabio Masdeu
  • Popi

The photo was conceived by Charles Munat (with a little help from Leonardo Da Vinci), and photographed by Damian Matsumoto, with lots of help from Horacio Tapia and Andrea Alberdi.

The location was the not-yet-open-to-the-public Fondo Club in San Telmo, Buenos Aires thanks to the kindness, generosity, and hard work of the owners, Juan Estaurino and Noelia Okuma.